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About Physiotherapy

Personalised physiotherapy services in Lismore

lismore spinal orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy joint pain recovered
    The word “physio” is Greek and means natural. Physiotherapists use natural resources, such as hands, ice, heat, electrotherapy modalities, self-help advice and exercises to treat musculoskeletal disorders. 
    lismore spinal orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy injury treatment
    Treating Australian baseball players. Courtesy: The Northern Star

    About musculoskeletal 

    These disorders include muscles, joints, bones and neurological (nerve) conditions that affect movement. They can include low back (lumbar), thoracic and neck (cervical) pain or pain in other joints such as the knee or the shoulder.

    What to expect

    A physiotherapist will establish a treatment regime and management program for you to ensure that your injury is healing as quickly as possible. Later in the healing process, the physiotherapist's tasks also include avoiding secondary complications, such as, unecessary stiffness or weakness and whenever possible, ensuring that the problem doesn't recur.

    General advice & recommendations

    This section is intended for general advice and recommendations for the variety of conditions listed. This advice is not personalised to you. 

    List Of Conditions

    Chronic Pain Understanding

    • Osteoarthritis OA: Knee & Hip. Consumer Fact sheet:
    • Chronic Pain (psychology & education)
    • Ankle Injuries (also strapping & taping an ankle
    • Patellofemoral (Knee Cap) Pain
    • Neck (cervical) Pain
    • Whiplash
    • Excercise Benefits Osteoarthritis
    • Low Back (Lumbar) Pain
    • Exercise Prescription
    • ACL Rehabilitation Guide

    Chronic Pain Understanding

    Recommended Youtube video (41 minutes):

    1. Getting a grip on pain and the brain, 
    Professor Lorimer Moseley, 
    Successful Ageing Seminar 2013 (40:39)

    Recommended books:
    (in suggested order of importance)

    Explain Pain - Butler & Moseley
    Explain Pain Handbook (The Protectormeter)
    - Moseley
    Painfull Yarns - Moseley

    Other videos of interest 
     (in suggested order of importance)

    2. Understanding Pain: Brainman chooses (2:39)
    3. Understanding Pain 

    Neck pain
    Patellofemoral pain
    Ankle Injuries
    Exercise benefits OA
    Low back pain
    Exercise prescription p1

    An ACL Rehabilitation Guide is available as a free download. Please note: some professional physiotherapy help would be beneficial as a client travels through this guide. Despite the Guide, it can't be expected that a client has the thorough knowledge and experience that a physiotherapist has.

    Some clients may be eligible for physiotherpy treatment under Medicare which this practice bulk-bills. Therefore, there are no out of pocket expenses. Please contact our office on  02 6622 1696  for more details.

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